Top 5 Must Attend International Solar Events

International solar Events are usually conferences and exhibitions that promotes solar Energy. These are non profit Events. Registration fees are cheaper for early birds and members.


  • Network and build relationships with top international solar professionals.
  • Update yourself with the latest innovations, technology, trends, and visions the industry has to offer.
  • A good platform to Promote your brand as a key player in the solar energy industry.
  • Find solutions to local challenges on the field.
  • Peer-led educational programming designed to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and provide solutions for your business.
  • Tourism opportunity.

Top 5 International Solar events

Solar Power International

I attended this event in 2016. It was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. The advantages of attending one of these events spans from coming in contact with the best of the best in the solar world to meeting people who would also look up to you. All race are dully represented and its just magical. Smart Energy Week brings together an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for four days of networking, education, and innovation that moves the industry forward.

Solar Canada

This government initiative not only reduces greenhouse gases, it also utilize more affordable energy source. This Event also creates a great opportunity to expand the solar local market which in turn opens Global investment opportunities.

Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

Currently the Chinese are the top manufacturers of Photovoltaics. They need to sell their products, if you are interested in doing business with the Chinese, this is a must attend event.

Intersolar Europe

One of the oldest event organizers in the world, I call them “The European Kings”. With a mission to increase the share of solar power in energy supply, they assemble the best of the best in solar annually.

Solar India Expo

Solar is an endless source of human energy needs. India is set to become one of the largest solar hub globally in the coming years. The country has set a target to achieve 100gw solar power by 2021-22. They have installed solar capacity grossed 20gw in January 2018, with 18.4gw in the form of ground-mounted projects and 1.6gw on rooftops. India is the next solar king.