Top 10 Best Inverter battery In Nigeria

Typically in this part of the world, power outage is part of our existence. There are communities that solely depends on fuel generators. A lot of our girls have been preyed on for just going to charge their phones at their neighbor’s apartment. Its is safe to say that 70% have backup power supply like the best invert battery in Nigeria.

This “70%” of Nigerians with backup power plan can be further broken down to:

  1. Solar/Inverter
  2. Handheld powerbanks
  3. Diesel/fuel generators
  4. Kerosene/Gas generators
  5. Firewood generator

It would amaze you that item 4 and 5 made our list. But they are still relevant even in advanced countries. They mainly used to produce heat mostly for cooking and keeping the house warm during winter.

Diesel/Fuel Generators

There is barely any home in Nigeria urban cities without a backup generator. These generators are not Eco friendly, they contribute to the number of greenhouse gases, they are usually noisy.


Solar and inverter are household names that are barely found in most Nigerian homes for so many reasons. But I would be tackling battery life.

Battery Life

This could be define as the backup time or how long your inverter can backup your appliance until power is restored. This backup time is usually relative to Load and its measured in AmH. This could also mean the number of charge cycles until the battery out lives its usefulness.

A lot of clients complain about their very short backup time and this can be caused by numerous factors:

  • Over load
  • Bad installation
  • Battery condition

All things being equal and you are using one of the best inverter batteries in Nigeria, am sure that you would have a longer backup time.

I visited lots of homes where the inverter project have been abandoned due to poor results. After my assessment, 95% of the inverter systems are intact but the batteries dead and gone. Which makes the whole inverter project look cost ineffective. To this effect, I have taken my time to compile the best inverter batteries near me.

Top 10 inverter batteries near me 2022

This review would answer questions like, where can I buy the best inverter batteries, what is the best inverter battery today and many more.

Tubular batteries still remains the undisputed champion for home use inverter batteries.



This is top on my list for so many fond reasons. I own a 2.5kva 36v Genus inverter equipped with GEXTT 20024 genus tubular battery and its a beauty to behold. On a 20% load capacity, I can confidently boast of 24hrs backup time.

As you already know its a maintenance battery, so you should check the battery acid gauge is positive to ensure maximum performance.

Avoid overloading and also ensure installation is done by a certified technician. These batteries are very rugged and they have an average life span of 7 years if properly managed.

Key Features of Tubular Battery 220AH/12V Invomax Genus

High Acid Volumes

Tall Tubular Design

Specially designed to support long and frequent power cuts

High performance and low maintenance

Designed for deep discharge

Electrolyte Level Indicator

Faster Recharge

Longer Life

Its marketed by Simba Group in Nigeria. You can buy from one of their show rooms at a whooping N208,000:00 only.


Luminous Red Charge RC 18000ST inverter battery


Exide Technologies 150mAh Inva Master Jumbo IMST1500


Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery


Microtek TT 2450 Battery


Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah, Recyclable Tall Tubular Inverter Battery for Home, Office & Shops (Blue & White)


V-Guard VT165 152AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery


Luminous Shakti Charge SC 18054 150 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery for Home, Office & Shops (Blue & White)


EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery


Loom Solar Lithium Battery

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