MTN YELLOW BOX – The Ugly Truth

There is a thin line between extortion and empowerment. Most times we are extorted through the so called empowerment programmes. The MTN YELLOW BOX is one of such programmes. I would not advise anybody to subscribe to this service for the following reasons.

We are a continent that is been pulled down by corruption, our leaders have the habit of putting themselves first. When reputable companies engages in any kind of partnership, it should be worth it. It should not just be profit driven. Let it be an opportunity to give back to the community. Many of you are not aware of what you sign up for but I would break it down in bits.


Live life to the fullest with Lumos Mobile Electricity service. It is accessible, safe, reliable and affordable. Light up rooms, charge Mobile phones and power appliances like Fans, TVs, Laptops, Tablets – giving you a better living

You can power both DC (solar) compatible appliances and AC compatible appliances with your Lumos Mobile Electricity system:

  1. DC (solar) Compatible appliances, up to 100W (cumulative) and 12V
  2. AC Compatible appliances that you already have at home, up to 60W (cumulative) and 220V

The mobile electricity kit consists of an 80w solar panel, Solar indoor unit (mtn yellow box), 2pcs of Led bulbs and a DC to AC converter. You are required to make a one time payment of 20,000 NGN upon joining the service. Then a daily access fee of 230NGN. They have several other subscription plans.

Is this salvation or bondage? find out:

  • This power source has a peak capacity of 60w. To ensure a longer backup period, your load capacity should be about 40w.
  • Phcn offers you an energy charge of about 32ngn/1000w without any limitation of what you can power, while lumos plan offers you 230ngn/60w daily with too many limitations.
  • It has a clause of you attaining ownership after 5yrs. Ofcourse you would be owning nothing because the average life span of a regular battery is about 5yrs.
  • This service limits your production capacity. It should be for rural communities not connected to the national grid, If the terms and conditions are properly reviewed.
  • The only power challenge it addresses is lighting and charging of mobile phone. Why should I pay 230ngn for two lighting points a day when I can buy batteries for my torchlight for the same amount and it would sustain me for two weeks.