How to choose the best solar panel.

Good decision making is vital in achieving a successful Solar Energy project. Be it for home use or for commercial purpose. Here is a guide on how to choose the best Solar panel:

5 Best Solar Panel Choice

Flexible Budget

Quality equipment or good service is not cheap. Your chances of ending up with a poor quality equipment when you go for a very cheap one is 95%. What you pay for is what you get.

Make a detailed research, compare components, request for data sheet, warranty period and background check of the installation company. Well established companies can pass on substantial savings due to increased buying power, other companies often reduce costs by cutting important corners.

Warranty Period

The standard warranty period for solar panels is at least (25 years). It is naturally expected of the solar panel to last for a very long time, long enough to pay for itself and even make you profit. For a warranty to be honored, the company has to be in operation, buy from a company with good track record.

Solar Panel Certification

If you are buying a solar panel that is without any certification that is already a raised red flag, I would advise you reconsider. The certification on solar panels indicates the type of testing that they have undergone. Its either a third party certification or a self assessed, therefore relying on the company to be honest.

Solar Panel Choice

So much goes into solar panel choice like available space, color, cost, efficiency and wattage. The dark blue or nearly black panel is usually a mono-crystalline panel. The blue panel that can often be seen on roofs is usually a poly-crystalline panel. Less pure than the mono-crystalline variant it is recognizable by the blotched appearance of the surface.

Efficient Solar Inverter

Like the solar panel, Solar inverter is part of the solar system. This is used to convert DC (direct current) from the solar panel to AC (alternate current) for home use. The more efficient an inverter the better, it would reduce loss of current through heat during conversion. Go for high quality inverters.

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