Energy Generation History

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Energy generation dates back as far as the primitive era. Our forefathers were limited in resources so they improvised. To make fire they depended on the sun and rocks. They need the sun to dry up the leaves so that when the rocks are struck against each other, the leaves would ignite. This is evident that solar energy is one of the oldest energy source.

What is Energy Generation?

This is defined as a process of harnessing power (electricity) from other sources of primary energy like the sun. This is the first stage in the commercial Electricity industry. The other stages includes Transmission, Distribution, storage and recovery. Electricity does not occur naturally therefore it must be produced in a power plant. They are usually measured in kilowatts per hour.


The bulk Transportation of electric energy generated from a Power plant to a substation. Once electricity is generated, it must be dispatched. This is done through the transmission lines.


This is the third stage of the Energy delivery business. Electrical energy is then taken from the sub-station (end point of transmission) to transformers, which then distributes power to the customers.

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