Best Inverters In Nigeria 2019

Since PHCN has this habit of unannounced regular power outage, people would have to sort for the best inverters in Nigeria as an insurance policy. Inverter is an electronic device which converts DC to AC. When there is power outage the power stored in the battery can now be used to run home appliances.

If you are yet to own an inverter or you are planning to change your existing inverter, you have landed the best article to point you in the right direction. Its tricky making the right choice of an inverter with the numerous offers online, that is why our team has gone out of its way to shortlist the best inverters in Nigeria 2019.

Top 5 Best Inverters In Nigeria 2019

  1. APC Home UPS 850VA Sinewave B1850SINE inverter
  2. Microtek Static converter UPS SEBz 1100 V2 Sinewave technology Inverter
  3. Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS Inverter
  4. Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter
  5. Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA Inverter

This list of inverters considered best in Nigeria 2019 was compiled by our team of professionals from customer feedback, Efficiency, cost effectiveness, durability, user friendliness, technology and functions. This ranking is subject to change over time.

1# APC Home UPS 850VA sinewave B1850SINE Inverter

Apc inverter
image credit: NIDM

I know that look, “APC again” LOL. I am not talking about a political party here. The APC home UPS 850VA sinewave B1850SINE Inverter is a product of Schneider Electric formerly known as American Power conversion coperation. Here are the reasons why it is rated 1# :

  • It specially designed to tackle the harsh Nigerian power conditions.
  • Its lightweight and very compact.
  • A wide input voltage widow to handle frequent power fluctuation.
  • The maximum power output of this inverter is 500w.
  • It has a switch over speed of 10 milliseconds.
  • Comes with a UPS-Inverter switch useful for converting to a UPS when needed.
  • The Home/Away switch is an additional feature that prevents battery discharge when you are away.
  • It comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Absolutely no hazards – no fumes, no shocks and its child proof.
  • You can buy online from Amazon and Schneider Nigeria .

2# Microtek Static Converter UPS SEBz 1100 V2 Sinewave Technology

microtek inverter
image credit: Microtek

This Inverter is made in Taiwan by microtek multinational company known for the manufacture of consumer appliances. They are considered one of the best inverter manufactures. Here are some reasons why its ranked 2# on my list:

  • It uses the sinewave technology.
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 800w.
  • The UPS transfer time is just about 15 milliseconds.
  • It comes with the latest DSC (digital signal controller) technology.
  • The auto reset button is an additional feature.
  • Comes with a manufacture 2 years warranty.
  • It is noiseless during use.
  • It comes in a compact size.
  • It can be sourced locally or online.

3# Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS Inverter

image credit: luminous Nig

This is a household name in Nigeria when it comes to inverters. Has its origin in India. Built for the rugged nature of our power system. Its currently 3# on my list for these reasons :

  • A 24v double battery is suitable for this inverter.
  • It has an Led display indicating the remaining power backup time based on your current load usage.
  • Comes with a bypass switch
  • Its budget friendly
  • Has a 2 years warranty period.
  • Easy to maintain due to support programme.

4# Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

The Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter is manufactured by Exide, a well known Indian company which produces storage battery. It is the best inverter in India 2018. It is a bit more expensive than other budget-friendly inverters, but it has various features which make it a perfect one for a home.

  • It is fitted with a high-speed microprocessor and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology.
  • A UPS switch over speed of 10 milliseconds
  • LCD display for percentage load, input and output voltage and battery power
  • Maximum load capacity of 850w.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Local technical support available

5# Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA Inverter

The Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA Inverter is powered by 4 batteries. It offers reliable and high-quality backup. The dimensions of this product are 40 x 38 x 47 cm. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this product.

This is suitable if you are looking for large backups. The design is sturdy which makes it suitable for most environments like home, office etc. The one thing lacking in this model is wheels on the base, it would be easily portable if provisions where made for wheels in the bottom surface.


Never settle for good enough, always settle for the best. This brings us to the end of our top 5 best inverters in Nigeria 2019. We may have missed some models but these models on this list were carefully selected. I hope at the end of this article you can confidently choose an inverter to soothes your need. Subscribe to be updated regularly.